Professional DevelopmentBy working on the cutting edge of classroom tools and helping over a thousand teachers each year, we have the experience in finding the right tools and methods for achieving desired results.

Half-Day (up to 3 hours)

Half-Day training is designed for teachers or technology support personnel who need to know the basic set-up and functionality of a product. This is also helpful to users who are self-taught on the technology and may need help filling in the gaps of the functions of a particular product. These sessions are suitable for groups of up to 20.

Full-Day (up to 6 hours)

Full-Day training is perfect for teachers or technology support personnel who want to move quickly past the “point and click” portion and on to a discussion of proven strategies and real-life best-practices to make measurable impact on student achievement. It usually contains more hands-on practice with the new tools. These sessions are suitable for groups of up to about 10.

Another full-day training option is a multi-tool, multi-school implementation designed to “train the trainers” to be proficient in using the technology to improve student achievement and be successful in giving other teachers the confidence to move forward with new tools.  These trainings are customized to bridge the current resources of the the district including multiple product lines of similar products and include extensive hands-on workshop and trouble-shooting time. These can be scheduled for multiple people at one school or multiple days at a number of schools or locations.