Proven Learning is intentional about partnering with educators to integrate high-quality tools and proven instructional solutions! We currently serve schools and school districts in the following states: Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

We look forward to partnering with you and growing together.

Meet the Team

Keith Frank, Chief Executive Officer
Transylvania University (B.A. Business Management)
Dallas Theological Seminary (M.A. Biblical Studies)

Regions: KY (Central and Western), TN (Central and Western), GA
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Matt Wheeler, Chief Operations Officer
University of Kentucky (B.S. Mechanical Engineering)

Regions: AL, MS, WV, VA
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Gary Fleck, Sales Consultant
West Virginia University (B.S. Recreation Management)

Regions: KY (Central and Eastern), TN (Central and Eastern), NC
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Jared Porter, Director of Business Operations
Florida State University (M.S. Library and Information Studies)
Asbury Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
Asbury University (B.A. Psychology)

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Representative Regions

Sales Regions
Keith Frank – Blue
Matt Wheeler – Red
Gary Fleck – Green




Proven Learning was started by Keith Frank and Matt Wheeler who have worked closely with thousands of educators since 2004.  They began with a concentration on formative assessment using student response devices and they have also provided valuable insight regarding additional instructional solutions and countless hours of on-site Professional Development.  They have earned the trust of numerous district personnel and have provided counsel concerning district-wide implementations of both hardware and software solutions.  This personalized support will continue as additional product lines, services, and educational consultants are incorporated into Proven Learning.


We long to make a lasting impact on those we serve while treating all people in a manner that brings glory to God.  The profession of the educator is at the same time one of the most difficult professions and one of the most rewarding professions.  Partnering with educators to provide proven solutions is certainly an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of educators and students they interact with every day.

We recognize that we are only a piece of the successful proven solution.  Our educators have to be successful in the delivery of their curriculum utilizing these integrated solutions. Assisting educators to improve education is one of the core values that drive us as a company. To this end, we know that the products we recommend must help achieve the goals of the teacher in the classroom. We offer hundreds of brands, but a few products get the “Proven Certified” label. How does a product get this label?

PL certified 001Proven to Positively Impact Education

Before we give a product line “Proven Certified” status, we ask to see the research. Has this product shown significant impact on student learning and/or shown to increase teacher efficiency? The technology with the most “bells and whistles” or “buzz” may not be the best for teachers or students. We do offer some cutting edge “Proven Certified” products that rely on related research and we will tell you where we stand on those items. Other products that get the “Proven Certified” label may not be the latest and coolest gadgets for your school, but if a product has a clear-cut path to increasing student achievement, we think that is worth standing behind.

Proven Reliability

A product must work every day in the classroom. Since we are an education-first company, we work with the products in the classroom environment and understand the needs of teachers. We understand that no matter how advanced a product is, if it doesn’t function with minimal effort, it isn’t going to get used frequently. We find products that don’t need endless software and firmware upgrades and products that will work well with other popular technologies that may already be in place.

Proven Usability

Our main Proven Certified grading solution, GradeCam, can poll students or offer a robust exam that can be graded in a snap. Our Proven Certified classroom sound system solution, Proven Audio, takes the guesswork out of audio settings with presets so a teacher can get optimal classroom sound in seconds. And our Proven Certified trainings are designed to get you going on day one. The products that we offer have enough options and features for even the most tech-savvy, but you don’t have to be a tech guru to get up and running.

And best of all, Proven Learning stands behind these products and the others we sell. There is no such thing as a perfect piece of technology, but partnering with a team of dedicated consultants that understand your needs and have the ability to make things right can make your school more effective.